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We are about more than just producing great badges...

In an ever changing world where social media takes over from good old fashioned human interaction, and technology replaces traditional techniques, we remain true to our 109 years of manufacturing great products and would love to share our expertise with you.

We are a family run business. Our core values of Integrity, honesty and drive to always produce high quality goods shape how we interact with our customers and in the way that we develop our products.

What you can expect from us is to get the right product for your needs at a price that’s fair and right for you. Nothing more and nothing less.

We are here to help… good business starts with looking after your employees, your customers and your suppliers, then and only then can we all thrive together. It’s more than just about profit and numbers.

We are more than just a simple sourcing office. We have our own manufacturing facilities here in Birmingham and it is this that sets us apart from our contemporaries. Our offices sit above our factory and our expertise lie in our actual ability to produce badges, not just in sourcing them.

We are always honest about where any Badge Studio Product is made, we won’t pretend that we have made it if it hasn’t been made in our factory, but we will pledge to you that it has been made fairly with no exploitation of labour or the environment. We will guarantee our product’s quality and that it has been 100% inspected and packaged by our experienced UK manufacturing team.

Great products start with great ideas and all products have a purpose whether it’s to help raise money for a charity, show you’re a proud member of an organisation or it could be an accessory or a gift item for a retailer. We will help, advise and develop these ideas with you and together we’ll produce a product that you can be proud of.

Our core values



High Quality

Where have you been all my life?

We’ve been quietly in the background supplying trade, wholesalers, retailers and organisations for over 109 years, if you’ve ordered a badge from an agency before or have any badges at home they are probably one of ours. Whilst others claim to be the UK’s biggest badge manufacturers we can safely say that with over 45,382 bespoke dies and tools here in our Birmingham factory alone (for stamping badges) and over 1,500 stock badges we’ll let you be the judge…

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Our blend of manufacturing in the UK and abroad puts us in a unique position to deliver products that meet your needs exactly, nothing more and nothing less. We are sure that you’ll enjoy working with us and creating something great together.