Die Struck Metal Badges

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Our Die Struck Metal Badges are finished to a very high standard and deliver a very special badge that will replicate your design or corporate logo perfectly.


These metal badges are excellent for awards and long service recognition as different finishes can be used to denote the level of the award including bronze, silver and gold.  For extra special awards we can even produce hallmarked silver or gold metal badges.

Perfect For:

  • Corporate wear
  • Service Awards
  • Corporate lapel badges
  • Awards & Recognition


  • High perceived value
  • No need for enamel
  • One design, multiple finishes

Each metal badge is stamped, and then hand finished to highlight details on the badge using an array of techniques from shot blasting to hand relieving using special mops and lapping wheels.  No enamel infill is used in these metal badges.  To further highlight lettering and detail special lacquered finishes can also be added after plating.

Increase the perceived value of this metal badge with our packaging options which can also help to reinforce your message and increase awareness. To assist our retail customers this product can also  be supplied barcoded.

Whatever your requirements we are here to match them with the right product for your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

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