Enamel Metal Badges Mid Price Range

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Enamel Metal Badges Mid Price Range.  Our standard metal enamel badges are just the ticket if you need a high-quality badge without the premium features of flat hard enamel.  Often referred to as soft enamel, colour is laid in after polishing and plating so the retaining metal borders are higher than the enamel. The different levels of colour and enamel really bring designs to life and can be used to great effect with modelled designs such as coat of arms badges.

Perfect for:

  • Retail and souvenir shops
  • Staff and club badges
  • Corporate wear
  • Events


  • Resin based
  • Reasonably priced
  • Mid-range enamel
  • Colours can be pantone matched

To find out more about the different types of enamel we use in the manufacture of our metal enamel badges please click here.

Increase the perceived value of this metal enamel badge with our packaging options which can also help to reinforce your message and increase awareness. To assist our retail customers this product can also  be supplied barcoded.

Whatever your requirements we are here to match them with the right product for your needs, nothing more and nothing 

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