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Our Promotional Badges are aimed at short term events or giveaways where raising brand, cause or event awareness is key, without breaking the bank.

All badges are made to our exacting standards and use many of the same techniques as our other processes, we just adjust certain elements such as the thickness of metal to bring the price down to a promotional level.

Perfect for:

  • Promotional Use
  • Charity Badges
  • Short term use
  • Events


  • Resin based
  • Perfect for give-aways and charity badges
  • Budget price
  • Colours can be pantone matched
  • Can use thinner material to lower cost further

Each badge is die stamped to your custom shape and design. Once polished a plated colours are applied in the same way as standard enamel but much thinner making the retaining metal lines more pronounced. Again, think painting by numbers and you have the right idea. To protect the enamel and make the badge thicker an epoxy coating can be applied.

Increase the perceived value of this badge with our packaging options which can also help to reinforce your message and increase awareness. To assist our retail customers this product can also be supplied barcoded – see our packaging page for details.

Whatever your requirements we are here to match them with the right product for your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

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