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Cufflinks provide the finishing touch to any double cuff shirt.  We produce thousands of pairs of cufflinks a month to suit every price point from high end sterling silver and gold to base metal.  Using different techniques, fittings and metals we can manufacture the right product for your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

We produce our own in-house range and have also being producing cufflinks for leading high street brands, international designers and corporations for many years.  If you’ve got an idea for a cufflink or a design we look forward to working with you to turn it into an actual working product.

Talk to us about turning your simple badge design into a cufflink. Using the same set of origination as your badge, for a minimal additional outlay we can extend your product offering to include cufflinks that have higher perceived value, giving you a greater return on your design and investment.

Increase the perceived value of your cufflinks with our packaging options.

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