Premium Hard Enamel Metal Badges

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Premium Hard Enamel Metal Badges.  If you need a badge to represent and match your high-profile brand, image or organisation then this is the badge for you.

Fake hard enamel, or Durenamel as it’s known in the trade is a resin based modern equivalent of Vitreous enamel. This is our highest quality resin based enamel that produces a superior flat finish to show off your design at its best.

Perfect for:

  • Regalia
  • Awards
  • Blue chip organisations
  • Corporate lapel badges
  • Reproduction and replica badges
  • Traditional badges
  • Any item that needs to be the highest quality possible


  • Flat, flush finish
  • Perfect for vintage and replica badges
  • Appearance of vitreous enamel
  • Colours can be pantone matched

If simply having just the best enamel is not enough we can further develop this badge with you to include premium fittings, thicker metal or even precious metal hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office. Premium packaging and gift boxes can also be used.

Whatever your requirements we are here to match them with the right product for your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

As with vitreous enamel, colour is added and cured in sequence to the badge. The next stage involves linishing the resin down to produce a perfectly flat finish, which is then polished all over and plated in the chosen metal finish. Exact pantone matching is possible and a special coating can be applied to give the same weather resistant properties as vitreous enamel.

Further increase the perceived value of this Premium Hard Enamel Metal Badge with our packaging options which can also help to reinforce your message and increase awareness. To assist our retail customers this product can also be supplied barcoded.

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