Real Leather Key Fobs

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Real Leather Key Fobs are are product we have been manufacturing for decades and to this day are nominated suppliers to major Car Manufacturers’ dealerships across the UK. Key fobs were originally produced so that the leather part of the fob protected car paintwork from the keys as the door was unlocked.

Real Leather Key fobs are still extremely popular today.  We produce both simple blocked and blind embossed fobs as well as fobs with enamelled metal mounts.

All mounts can be made to a custom shape within the boundaries of the stitching with pantone matched enamel.  We have a selection of standard fob shapes to choose from including oblong and pear.

Options include blocking on both sides with logos or text, and even blocking under the metal mount to drive your message home.   We have a full range of leather colours available and depending Different grades of leather from basic nappa to thick saddle leather (or Rolls Royce Leather as we refer to it in our UK Factory) can be used depending on your requirements.

Whatever your budget we will match it with the right leather key fob for your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

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